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Here are some of our websites

Cheltenham Triathlon Club

Gretton Primary School

Cheltenham School Sports Network

Cotswold School Sports Network

Gloucester School Sports Network

One of the first websites from Woof Web Design which was created in 2010 and has now been redesigned. It is fully mobile compatable and includes an event booking system which can be used for schools to sign up to the events that they are running

Making the website easy to administer was a key requirement, so images are automatically resized and formatted to fit their pages

Ella Bella Jewellery

The client wanted a website that was "Not just another collection of squares" so we created this website with animated petals and funky flipping images

The wesbite makes the most of Ella Bella's branding to create a strikingly different yet still functional design.

Move More Camps

A website with a custom made booking system to allow parents to book into the camps. The booking system is ready to take payments and deal with bookings through childcare vouchers.

The website is fully responsive and adapts to fit mobile phone screens.

Cupitt Jeweller

A website using an ecommerce platform allowing customers to view stock. The design of the website reflects the natural theme at the heart of the organisation's branding

We have also set up a PPC advertising campaign for the shop.


A website designed for an organisation offering betting tips.

The website is fully responsive and adapts to fit mobile phone screens.

Gloucester Little Ducklings

A bright website making the most of the graphics. A fully featured calendar is included, as well as a front page 'Ticker Tape' for urgent messages.

The website is fully responsive and adapts to fit mobile phone screens.

Fairford Trees

This is a website where the client wanted a professional presence, emphasising his contract work and the safety record of his company.

Wave Electrical

A website with a clean layout making the most of the organisations branding and leading potential customers to the information they need simply and with the minimum of fuss.

The website is fully responsive and adapts to fit mobile phone screens.

Cheltenham Triathlon Club

This website has an eyecatching front page and uses a different layout for the main content. It is a fully responsive design, which means that all of the content from the main website is available to mobile devices without the need to maintain a seperate mobile website. Tables and menus automatically adjust to suit a smaller screen.

Using the Joomla CMS allows club members to log in and upate the content with minimal training and guidance.

Fully ready for e-commerce with secure logins so that the club can accept entries and payments into their popular summer triathlon.

Gretton Primary School

The design process for this website was lead by pupils from a local school who chaired the design meetings, proposed layouts and trained the pupils on how to write blogs for their pages.

Woof Web Design provided the final design and graphics, and created the site.

The main feature of the site is it's flexible security, and maintainability, with pupils able to create posts but not publish them and teachers able to edit and publish. In addition there is a governors area which is only accessable to governors and headteachers

SEO was also a key requirement for the school as there is another, primary school in a bigger village in Northampton with the same name.

We helped the school get to first place in Google.

This is a really successful website which receives over 180 visits per week. Not bad, as there are only 70 families at the school!


Cheltenham School Sport Network

Designed for a commercial organisation that offers services to a large number of schools in the area, this website has helped to make their business more efficient.

Customers can now register for events and training online and there is an option to collect online payments as well.

SEO has helped them get to number one in Google for searches for School Sports Networks.

The organisation undertake all of the updating of the website themselves, with us providing hosting and technical maintenance like software and security updates.

Cotswold School Sport Network

This organisation works with a number of different clusters of schools and communication is a key element of the design.

The website is mainly updated by the organisation themselves with Woof Web Design providing occaisonal help optimising and organising images.